Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Starting a "Series of Series"

I meant to post this yesterday but my internet completely died so I wasn't able to:

"Now I'm on a painfully slow internet connection at this moment, but hopefully tomorrow I will be able to upload the first two parts of a five-part series, which is the first series in a line of art series I am doing. Crazy!

Over the next month, for the sake of widening my gallery and upping promotion, I will be working hard to get a number of personal portraits done between commissions. The series aren't connected to one another, but I want a few series to add to my library.

The one I am currently working on doesn't have a name, but it's a series of colored pencil portraits featuring a different animal in each one, but only the section between the forehead and down the bridge of the nose, obviously showcasing the eyes of the animal. So far I have completed a leopard and an elephant, and plan to move onto a whale next. The other animal will probably be a domestic dog, though I'm not sure what the fifth will be. In one direction, I pick another animal. In another direction, I do a human and design it to fit in the center of the series. I'm not sure, each has a different message. We will see where it goes!

Right now the other series I have lined up are a Christian series, a series on my friend Murray's face (good feature practice), a series on structural development over the past few thousand years, and an equine series on growth (starting with a foal and working up to an old horse). We will see how well this works out for my development!

In other news, thank you to a photo-owner (who would prefer to remain nameless) who gave me permission to sell a drawing I did based off of their copyrighted photo I found while Googling references. Originally I listed the work as "not for sale" because of this, but when contacted the photo owner said to go ahead. If you are reading this, thank you very much for your generosity! "

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