Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New website fun!

Okay, I know it's been pretty much forever since I've posted, but music school is keeping me on a short rein so there's been a severe art lag from my end, which usually happens this time of year anyways... however, there is some EXCITING news.

First of all, we're going under a new name: Custom Commissions by Mel Shwanke

Pretty riveting, I'm sure, but everyone continually thought I was simply calling the sites "Mel's Portraits" instead of "Mel S. Portraits" which just so happens to be my first name followed by last unfortunate initial. It didn't have a very good ring, so, we now have a fancy title with a great acronym to go along with it: CCMS.

I'm also featuring a new logo. Originally it was the white background with blocky, black text and a tattoo design of a galloping Pegasus.

But I've since done some computer editing/fun framing and have come up with:

Also, on top of all this, my website has undergone the most complete re-design you can imagine. Just today I spent hours rebuilding my gallery, and I'm pleased to announce I have figured out how to make my images "pop out" of thumbnails without making the window switch over, for easier viewing and less accidental window closes (sorry for that, by the way).

So, really, just a good, refreshing update all-around! I do have some fun and fancy new works to show off sometime in the very near future, though very near may be a week from now. Or two. It's finals, and all. Thanks for sticking around!


CLICK HERE for the new and improved website!

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