Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's been a while! Here's something to bring you up to date.

Alright, alright. I haven't posted... anything... in months. There's a few new promos going on and some big stuff happening, so get ready for a big information dump!

I've started working in close with a bunch of authors to do a handful of character designs and concept sketches in order to expand my horizons and offer a larger variety of work. Though most of my drawings have gone to fantasy authors, I've also had a couple of modern fiction/action writers throw some character bios my way in hopes of getting a concrete portrait they can work off of.

As you may have noticed, had you visited my website recently, we've changed locations. This means that I've had to spend hours re-coding a new website due to a recent hoster switch, but that is all up and running and ready to go!

Click here for the link!

I've started a bunch of package deals due to higher volumes of multiple orders, mostly in paintings. I have one person just grabbing a bunch for her personal wants, but also have two corporate customers working with me to decorate two different studios (a wellness studio and a music studio in Edmonton). So if you would like some information on package deals (available for purchases of 3 or more portraits), feel free to shoot me an e-mail at my shiny new e-mail set aside specifically for this business,

And last but not least, my tattoo designs are coming back in full swing. I've designed a whopping 6 this month after months of no interest in tattoo designs, so it's a big jump up and I'm looking forward to hearing more designs!

That's about all for new news, now let's get to some artwork!

The first couple of pieces are tattoos that I've designed for people, just a couple. They're not the ones from this month, but they're pretty cool and I haven't shared them with you yet.

This is a compass that points south for a woman from Brazil, a picture she sent me after she got it tattooed on herself.

And this one is one I did of an hourglass made out of vines in the shape of the infinity symbol. Super cool idea! 

I'm pretty happy with both designs and their owners seemed really happy with them as well! 

Now I've been working on a lot larger volume of oil paintings than normal. Both corporate customers are asking for large amounts of oil paint over the next few months, and this other woman is the same. They're time-consuming and a lot of hard work, but the results are something I'm really enjoying! Here's a quick look at one customer's pieces 

Again, both really cool concepts and really rewarding pieces. The two corporates and I are still working together on designs, but when their works get underway I will be sure to post some excerpts of them!

Alright, and one last thing. In the middle of all this ink and character design and painting, I really really really miss graphite and horses. A lot! They're what I grew up working with, and all in all graphite is my signature and FAVORITE medium. That's why I was super excited to have a friend of mine and long-time customer of CCMS (known on Blogger as FernValley from Fern Valley Appaloosas) ask about a couple of graphites of the animals on her farm. In my spare time I've been throwing them together for her, and here's a photo (unfortunately not scanned YET) of the first one!

From this photo: 

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