Thursday, January 10, 2013

A month later, another quick update!

Well, December tends to be my busy season due to the holidays. Now that those are over and my promotion is ended, I'm back to working a few series for a couple of people, and revisiting my showjumping series that I started last year.

I am also putting some new techniques that I've been practicing to work. The first work that reflects this is this saddle drawing I finished a few hours ago. I am taking the dive from realism to hyper realism/photorealism. This is still on the ropes and I'm not ready to offer it in my portraits yet, but give it a few months and we'll see where it's at!

Here's the drawing.

Also, I'm working on some tutorials and I've began slowly swapping out all of my gallery pieces and posted pieces with watermarked images. Other than that, just been doing commissioned work!

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