Saturday, March 2, 2013

Updates, new pictures, and a quick March promotion!

I'm sorry I've been so busy and negligent of this blog and the Twitter and YouTube accounts! There's been a serious dip in my devotion to the online media aspect of CCMS and I'm going to be picking up the slack here in the next few days, just to get everything running again after the crazy months that were December to February!

So, here's a long-winded post to get you up to speed here.

March Promotion:

I'm offering 20% off all portraits and commissions and 30% off package deals. More information on my website, click here to visit the pricing page!

What's new:

I've been working with a few people and companies to build up a portfolio in the graphic design/digital painting/concept artwork in preparation to apply for a position as a concept artist at a local business. As a result, I am planning in the month of March to officially set up a pricing program for digital paintings and offering full-out matte concepts and other things applying to the digital world. I promise I will post more here as more develops.

I have also kept fairly busy with commissions and work outside of the art world, which is exciting enough!

Coming soon:

Well, I already mentioned the digital design portion!

Tutorial on photorealistic graphite drawing, for free, on the website (will post a link here when it is up).

Art resources, links, and references: over the past few months I have been building a long list of helpful resources for the ground artist, and when I have filled it out a bit more I am going to throw the entire list up on my website.

New pictures:

And now for what you all usually visit my art site for, new pictures to showcase some of what I've been doing in my absence.

A two-part painting - the part with the woman did not transfer into the photo well, so unfortunately until I resolve this problem with some digital help, it is cut in half.

A study of David Tennant as the Doctor from the reboot of the sci-fi series Doctor Who.

A digital concept work of an alien in the woods, a practice piece with a monochromatic colour scheme and working with accents in complimentaries. 

A photographed preview of the cover design for local jazz quartet Three Sun Sea's debut album. 

And new, featured for-sale:

I am planning to circulate some originals through here. While they're up, I'm going to offer some crazy discounts on original artwork, as an attempt to downsize my gallery (I'm running out of room here!) 

So, here's featured for-sale #1: Show jumper in oil, 20x24" on canvas. Reg. $350, on sale for $250 until Saturday, March 16. 

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