Friday, December 29, 2017

WOW, look at me coming out of hiding!

HEY GUYS! Not sure if anyone even bothers to follow this old thing anymore, but I am back! I had to take an unfortunate unofficial hiatus due to some personal life issues, but I am back and happy to be back. I have material scheduled for you for the next three months and I couldn't be more excited to kick it off.

I am going to be straying away from my usual updates-only posting, and instead work towards turning this blog into a resource of tutorials, products, and helpful information to help the world around me improve their artistic skills. There's no worry for those of you still waiting; I am still going to be showing off my new works, but I wanted to provide some use and value as I moved forward.

I'm so stoked to be back, and I hope we will build a great audience to move forward into this exciting new world!

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