Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First real go at the new colored pencils

So here is a new wolf portrait I did. I cheated a little in this one in that I kept the eye color from my reference photo. By this age, wolves' eyes have gone from blue to brown, but the eye in the reference grabbed me so much that I had to put it in there. I played around with a lot of purples and blues in this fur tone, just for the sake of seeing how they acted, and then blended greens and yellows together in the background in an attempt to bring out the yellow tones in the fur. I'm still "getting there" with these colored pencils, but as they say it is practice, practice, practice.

I'm currently in Houston right now (if you note my website, it says I am based in both Houston and Edmonton, to cater to both USA and Canada), but as soon as I get back to Canada I am really going to hit up the art store and get a bunch of single Prismacolors. I think I'll have to pick up a few whites and blacks, those are ALWAYS the first to go, and then some different brown and grey tones as I am mainly going to be working with animals. Maybe some skin tones too, but we'll see how broke this artist gets before then! I really am loving this colored business, I haven't touched graphite for a couple weeks now, but I do love that too. I'll just have to work at both.

So, here is the "incorrect" wolf!

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