Saturday, November 24, 2012


Alright! So Here's the update I've been promising you for days while I feed my photoshop bug and work on chalking up some charcoal outlines for paintings that I will be doing in the next week here (three commissioned horse paintings coming up - I'm beginning to think my rep is going to be 90% horses forever! Not that I'm complaining...) but here's what went down a week ago today!

I headed over to the Edmonton Garrison (a place where I spent a lot of my childhood activities visiting my friends, doing rushed Tim's runs in high school, and driving sleighs and wagons for base family events) bright and early Saturday morning with a big, bright green bin full of supplies and gallery books and set up in the indoor arena of the EGSC. What a great facility, too! Gorgeous animals, great people, and the arena was gorgeous (if a little cold).

There were some very interesting clinics that happened throughout the day, and as I was set up right in front of the riding ring I got to watch it all. I might wish that either there was two of me or I had more downtime, because two great things were happening - useful, interesting clinics, and A LOT of interest in my artwork. I couldn't watch and help people at the same time.

I had a dry/sore throat by the end of the day just from talking! I had people continually interested in the process and what exactly I do, lots of people showing me pictures and asking me how I would do them, and then placing commission orders. I didn't sell originals, but with how many orders I placed that doesn't matter so much! I also had a couple of other artists who are looking to jump into professional waters come up and ask me some questions about the business and how it works. I am always more than happy to give aspiring artists a helping hand, and they were awesome to talk to.

The clinics, as I mentioned, were phenomenal. There was a Parelli clinic that I actually didn't mind (some Parelli-based clinics are not very well done, and Parelli fanatics tend to scare me), a good jumping clinic from the pony club, some gaited horse clinic and a clinic about photographing horses which I really wanted to watch (I take a lot of my own reference photos), but I got a rush of customers. I caught the tail-end of it though, so it wasn't that bad!

All in all, a great show. Super friendly, awesome, nice people that I just fell in love with, everyone was so great! And I got to see my good friend Sherry from over at Fern Valley Appaloosas and have a nice chat with her!

Here are a couple of photos from my table, and I'm back off to working on art!

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