Tuesday, September 25, 2012

And more graphite!

I drew a show jumper yesterday. A few weeks ago, I took an adventure to Spruce Meadows in Calgary to watch the Spruce Meadows CN International $1 million show jumping competition. I have recently acquired a decent camera and took the opportunity to take a bunch of photos as I am in LOVE with show jumping (and have ridden show jumpers in the past) and it was my first time attending an international competition in show jumping.

Well the trip inspired me to start a show jumping series, and I have actually sent out some e-mails to some Grand Prix riders and I'm discussing potentially doing some portraits for a couple of them.

For now, I started on the series with the winner of the competition, Olivier Philippaerts, using a photo of him that I took myself.

Here's #1! I need to scan it yet as the lighting and the angle are bad in the photo, but it gives a good idea and I've thrown this photo on my website for now.

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