Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some FAQ that will be going up shortly.

I get asked a lot of repetitive questions when I am first discussing terms of commissions, and so over the years I've compiled a list of FAQs and have decided to put a page up on my website to that people can read through and feel a bit more at ease.

Here's a sampling of the most popular ones!

Q: Are your prices negotiable?
A: Yes, I am quite flexible with my pricing and package programs, within reason of course!

Q: Will you trade personal art for advertising in my business?
A: No, sorry. I do not do free commissions.

Q: I want a logo or design done that will be used in promotions and sales. What about copyrights?
A: I am willing to sell the copyrights to all pieces. If copyright is not purchased, there are certain royalty standards set by Canadian copyright laws that I do uphold.

Q: Why do you require a 50% deposit?
A: The deposit does two things: it gives me security so I don't spend hours on a commission that someone changes their mind on, and it also helps to pay for the initial materials (I buy most commission materials new)

Q: What does "plus material cost" mean and what does it buy?
A: All paintings are priced with a flat rate "plus material cost." A material cost is the price of the art supplies that go into the painting. It buys the canvas, the paint for your portrait, paint brushes, and ink  or charcoal for the original outline.

Q: What do you do with your concept sketches for the main commission? Can I have mine?
A: I am usually okay with handing off any preliminary sketches along with the artwork. Just be warned that if the main work is complicated, I may have traced over it with ink to help me stay on course, or I might have altered or changed it. Also they aren't coated or on thick paper, so they will easily damage. If they don't go to the customer they just sit in my sketch book.

Q: Is art your only job?
A: In a sense. I am also a professional musician and a writer, so I'm very deep into the arts. I have also trained and showed horses and have been getting back into that as a job.

Q: Why is the wait time for oil paint so much higher than acrylic if their completion dates are the same?
A: Oil paint takes anywhere from 4-8 days to dry to the touch. If I let the painting leave my home before it dries to that point, the colors and oil will rub off and the painting will be damaged.

Q: How long does oil paint take to fully dry?
A: It takes 4-8 days to dry to the touch, and a week or two for the shine to go away. Then after that it takes eight months to a year before the paint is completely settled and hardened. After you take your painting home you should be careful to not lean anything against it or to put pressure on the painted area. It will be more susceptible to scrapes and gauges during this time. People don't have an issue as it is hanging on their wall anyways!

Q: Will direct sunlight damage my art?
A: I spray art down with some fixatives and protective coats to prevent fading and warping. Most sunlit places in homes are not under direct sunlight for more than a couple of hours a day as the shadows move about. Also, glass and other things filter out the sun's intensity. It's very rare that, inside, artwork will be affected by sunlight.

Q: Can you make multiples of the same drawing or painting?
A: I can get very close.

Q: Do you teach art lessons?
A: Yes, I will do one-on-one lessons either in person or through e-mail.

There will be more up on the website!

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